We have two upcoming live sales. One on instagram, Friday Nov 25th at 2:22 pm mst, and the other on tiktok, Saturday Nov 26th at 2:22 pm mst. Here are some of the items you will see on our table! Check our socials for more pics and vids. 

Towers: malachite, tigers eye, green fluorite, moss agate, prehnite, banded carnelian, snowflake obsidian, agate pyrite, septarian, kambaba jasper, yellow fluorite, and blue lace agate. 

Carvings: lavender fluorite mushrooms, rainbow fluorite spheres, agate palm stones

Heart Carvings: peach moonstone, green fluorite, and flower agate. 

Other: celestite clusters, malachite slabs, halite clusters, and “true” selenite slabs. 

Live Sale Rules
Each crystal will be shown individually. The number you
see on the sticker is the price!
• To claim a crystal, comment on the live "Claim" with the
price and letter (if any). Ex claim: "Claim Al"
Whoever shows up on my screen first will be able to
• Directly after claiming, DM us your zip code and email.
• Please claim responsibly! A claim means you are fully
comitted to following thru with our shops rules and
• No putbacks, switches, or cancellations allowed. Know your budget before claiming.
• Please be communicative if you have any issues! We are always open to helping. Non-payers who fail to
communicate with us will be blocked. Please respect a
small businesses time!
• Be kind and have fun! Our live sales are the perfect place to meet new like-minded friends, appreciate beautiful crystals, and hang out! This is a safe space!

Payment is due immediately, within 24 hours of receiving the invoice. If you are unable to pay, please communicate your issues with us.

  • We will be privately messaging all invoices to your instagram or tiktok DMs, so please keep an eye out. 
• We do not manually enter or edit addresses, so please
double-check this when paying to ensure your package is delivered to the correct address.
• We accept Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay,
Discover, and Mastercard.
• Shop pay payment plans are available at checkout.
• Shop Pay gives you the option to pay for your order slowly over time. Shop Pay Installments is a great option to help you maximize your budget for orders starting at 50 USD.
• Using shop pay, can split your purchase into four bi-
weekly, interest-free installment payments. There are no
additional charges, interest rates, or late fees for this option, and your credit score isn't affected.

• Shipping costs will be calculated AFTER the livesale, so please be prepared to pay anywhere from $4.90 to $20+ for USA shipping. 

• We do offer worldwide shipping, however please be prepared to pay $60+. These are the postal services rates, we do not make extra money from shipping, nor control the price amount. International shipping has a higher rate of getting lost in the mail. The higher price is used to pay for shipping insurance incase your package is damaged or lost. 

 Please visit our instagram and tiktok for more livesale crystal reveals!