RESTOCK INFO – Angel Realm Co


Hello Angels! Our next restock is scheduled to go live on Saturday May 7th at 5:55 pm mst. 

We have decided to focus more towards expanding our jewlery options so that every one here at Angel Realm Co can find something in their preferences. 

We currently have a growing list of items we’re excited to share with you this restock! 

  • Watermelon tourmaline with clear quartz pendants
  • Lepidolite beaded bracelets 8mm
  • Angelite beaded bracelets 8mm
  • Fluorite beaded bracelets 8mm
  • Purple aventurine bracelets 8mm
  • Prehnite bracelets 8mm 
  • Moroccan calcite geodes, half and whole options 
  • Peach moonstone worry stones 
  • Chakra chokers necklaces 
  • Amethyst and rose quartz macrame necklaces 

Please note that our crystal list and restock information is loosely based and could potentially change due to late shipments or any other changing business factors.

We’ll be updating this page as new information arrives! Thank you for being here :)

Your friend, Cassidy