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⊹ Juniper, Cleansing Bundle ⊹
⊹ Juniper, Cleansing Bundle ⊹
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⊹ Juniper, Cleansing Bundle ⊹

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Hand Foraged Juniper Bundles!


  • The ideal plant to ward off any and all evil. Juniper was religiously utilized in the 14th century to dispel a vast array of disease.
  • This tough conifer was even considered to be a wonder drug! Treating countless illnesses. Utilize this plant in dark times. It provides us with a deep sense of hope and strength.
  • Dispels anxiety and attracts passion.

 Pro Tip: Before smoke cleansing, make sure to set your intentions. Make sure your mind is focused on what you want to achieve! 

Size: Approx. 4 1/4" x 1 1/4"

How to smoke cleanse properly:

  • Safely light the end of your bundle with a lighter, match stick, or candle flame. Once you get a good flame going, blow it out. 
  • Your bundle will now begin to produce an aromatic, natural smoke. Use the smoke to thoroughly cleanse your space, your body, or your tools. 
  • Each bundle contains its own strong healing properties. You can use a feather or fan to waft the smoke in the direction that you desire.
  •  Always use a heat safe, non flammable & fire resistant dish to set your bundle down on. Never leave your lit bundle near anything flammable. Never leave your lit bundle unattended. Leave your bundle out of reach from pets and children.
  •  Some bundles  include items such as crystals, pinecones, or acorns. These items are not intended to be burned. Please carefully remove them either before burning, or once your bundle has burned close to the material (for an easier removal). Do not remove these materials while your bundle is burning.
  •  When your smoke cleansing has come to an end, thoroughly ensure your bundle is extinguished. You may do this by dabbing the end of the bundle onto your suggested dish. Enjoy your cleansing!


*each order includes one product*

Legal notice: Angel Realm Co will not be held legally liable for any damages created, due to the improper burning of candles, smoke cleansing bundles, or incense. It is the customer's responsibility to use these products safely.